Kiss Me Before Flight !

Kiss Me Before Flight !

Monday, July 29, 2013

Let me take you far away you'd like a holiday...

Hello everybody!!! I am glad to inform you that my summer vacation begins from tommorow and i am so exhited about this!I am going to two islands this year!First destination is a beautiful island of the Cyclades-Folegandros!I have never been there before so I am looking forward to seeing this island!Last but not least I am going to revisit Chios ,a great big, beautiful island situated in the Aegean sea!I have gone to Chios for Easter and it was wonderfull so I can't wait to go again and see more of its unique places!!!......What does this mean???That is packing time!!!!PACK!PACK!PACK!!!...The hardest thing for me is packing!If I could ,I would take my whole wardrobe....beacause I want many options!!!Unfortunatelly I can't so I must take specific multi-wearing things in order to fit all my things in only one suitcase!!...Here are some of the things that I got with me!!!I'll be back with photos from my first destination Folegandros!!!...How about you??Where are you planning to go this summer?!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Favorite things

       Yummy candy which a good friend of mine brought me from Belgium.

        In love with this brand new Juicy Couture bag, gift from my beloved parents.

            Cute love rings-pack from Primark from my trip to London.<3

                      Light hearted reading for the summer vacation and the beach.

New summer pink color for my nails from Sephora.

Monday, July 22, 2013

#OOTD:Outfit of the day

Today I had coffee and chit-chat with my bestie!!!So I wanted to wear something comfy and simple!That's why I wore this printed pair of leggings and paired it with this loose white shirt from H&M!I really like this printed leggings-trend as it is a quite nice and easy way to add fun and color to your outfit!What is your opinion about printed leggings?Do you like them and how do you style them?!

                                                              Sunnies:Paul Frank

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Flared Jeans

I own this pair of flared jeans for 2 years but I don't wear them quite often as I am more used to the skinny type of jeans.Yesterday I was feeling like wearing them so I paired them with my brand new Juicy Coutoure t-shirt which I couldn't wait to wear!!Basically I have an addiction to this specific brand!!!...It is the style of clothes and accessories I exactly like!!!To break the whole white and blue thing I wore my big day yellow handbag from Nine West which I absolutely love!...So tell me do you like flared jeans or you are more keen to wear basic skinny jeans?!

                                                                   Jeans: Kotton
                                                     T-shirt: Juicy Couture
                                                     Shoes: Marc By Marc Jacobs
                                                     Belt: Dolce & Gabbana
                                                     Watch: Michael Kors
                                                      Sunnies: Ray-Ban
                                                      Handbag:Nine West

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Outfit of the day

Yesterday I was out and about...having to do some errands!!! So I wanted to wear something to feel comfortable and loose all day long!I paired these cut offs with a striped top and I wore my black  kind of -Tom- shoes which I bought recently and when  I wear them I feel like I am barefoot!!!!To add a dash of color I wore this statement necklace from H&M.

Shoes:Greek shop (Celestino)
Handbag:Karen Millen
Sunnies:Juicy Couture

Monday, July 15, 2013

My summer essentials

Summer is undoubtedly my favorite season of the year!!!I love summer....and of course I love going to the sea!!!...Here are my summer essentials in order to hit the beach!!...I am addicted to bathing suits especially bikinis( I will show you my bikini collection soon ) ,but I really fancy the one pieces!I haven't bought any of these so many years beacause I was  afraid of the tanning lines! But I said: what the heck?!!!Let's try one and rotate it with a bikini to avoid the harsh tanning lines!!!So I bought this one from Marks&Spencer and...I loved it!!!...I believe it's very feminine and quite exotic with all these colorful prints!!!...Moreover, in order to protect myself from the sun I use for years my favorite face protector from Clinique with an SPF 25. For the body I use the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess with an SPF 15 and when I want to enhance my tanning I use a tanning oil,this one is from Hawaiian Tropic with an SPF 4 and it's pretty good actually!!I use it especially on my legs which tend to remain white!!:( Also, I use a lip gloss with an SPF 25 to protect and moisturise my lips!Last but not least, I always use an after sun lotion after taking a bath back in home to help my body be hydrated after the exposure to the sun!!!This one is also from  Estee Lauder and it's very good!!!It also enhances and prolongs tanning!!!

                                                                  Bathing suit:Marks&Spencer
                                                                          Beach Towel:Oysco

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Keep it simple with neon !

It is fact that during the summer I prefer colorful floral dresses over any other piece of clothing!!!However , there are sometimes that I want to keep it simple and wear my skinny jeans with a basic tank top!In order to make this outfit more interesting I usually add a statement necklace or big earrings and a pair of shoes that make a stand!!!....Neon is a big trend right now....so I picked these neon yellow wedges to shake things up!!!So let's keep it simple with neon!!!

                                                               Skinny Jeans:Primark

Friday, July 12, 2013

My favorite things

There are some little things in life which make a difference in every day routine and put a smile in your face...!I intend to post every week my favorite little things which cheer me up and brighten my days....!!!
So lets' begin!!!:-)

Cutest little necklace-best gift...<3
Yummy Lip Balm with cute packaging from H&M
Best cocktail (Spritz Aperol)-with the best company...
Big edgy bracelet from Tally Weijl
A small treat to spoil myself: Nirvana yogurt ice cream!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Romantic Mood

I am a romantic looks lover!!!Whatever  has to do with florals,crochet patterns,cute designs and pastels I go for it!!!!...I own this dress for a long time but I adore it!! It is from Yumi an English brand which has the same girly cute style in most of their clothes!! ...Whenever I wear it I feel very girly!Besides that, this dress is very comfy and wearable and it's the one I pick when I don't have a clue what to wear!!So I throw that on and call it a day!!!

Love necklace:Forever 21
Other necklace:H&M

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ring My Bella

I have a thing with perfumes....I tend to get bored with them quite easily after a period of time!The other thing I frequently do is that I connect them with memories!So each perfume reminds me a period of time,a season or a year!!!So I like to rotate them and change them often enough!I wanted something floral for this summer!!!I needed just a small bottle to last throughout the summer...so I didn't want to spend much money on this!....As I've been searching in perfume section Benefit's perfumes caught my attention with their nice packaging and colors!!!So I smelled each and everyone of them and I found the one!!!Ring My Bella.It is a  lovely sweetly,fruity,floral fragrance!It wiil be my this year's summer reminder!!!!