Kiss Me Before Flight !

Kiss Me Before Flight !

Friday, March 13, 2015

Step into my office...!

Hello everyone!
As I told you, I will begin to post decoration related things!....So this is my office....I constantly change this area trying to seek inspiration in order to study for my master degree...!!! It is one of my favorite areas of the house.. here I drink my coffee in the morning, surfing through the internet, planning my day, and my tasks,etc!....You can see that I am not alone in the room!!!...beside me there is my boyfriend's office and his for sure is not white with pink and pastel elements as mine...he prefered a grey one!!...We bought these simple desks from IKEA when we moved in. The black and white rug and my white office lamp is from IKEA also....Below you can see the stores (in Greece ) where I purchased most of the things shown in my desk!

xxx Marlen

Pink Lantern:Notos Home
Black&White Rug: IKEA
White Owl: SIA-Notos Home
Pink Mug: Notos Home
Wall-Butterflies: Notos Home
Vase: maison jar painted glossy silver
New York Globe: New York ,random souvenir store
Chair-pillow: IKEA
Vogue Stand: a DIY creation by me!

Where have I been ?

 Hello everybody.....it 's been ages since my latest post....literally!!! I've been so busy with various things so I didn't have time to make any posts!... As I have informed you in my latest post, I moved and currently living with my boyfriend...something which is a great , lovely and fun experience as you get to know your other half, much deeper and in ways you couldn't before <3<3<3...Apart from this, all this year I have been studying in order to get a master degree in Shipping which is actually the field I want to eventually and hopefully land a job !!....I want to start making outfits of the day again as I used to and other things as my current obsesssion is decorating, something which I realised when I decided to live with my bf and we had to fix and decorate our house from scratch!....So I will soon upload a new regular post....until then...
Don't forget to live, love and laugh...!

xxx Marlen

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

OOTD:Red plaid!

Hey everyone! As I promised you I am back with an outfit post!!! This winter I loved the current fashion trend with the high waisted skirts! One of my favourites is this red plaid one which I own for months now.I have been wearing this skirt a lot...it's a reminder of my childish years too, during which red plaid skirts was top fashion trend!:-) I combined this beautiful skirt with a simple black loose top and added this statement necklace from Accessorize to complete the whole outfit! My all time classic knee-high suede black boots was my first pick for this simple-day to night outfit!

xxx Marlen

                                                    Top: BSB
                                                    Skirt: Attrativo
                                                    Necklace: Accessorize
                                                    Boots:Hookipa-Simple Caractere
                                Handbag: Juicy Couture

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's Time...!

Hello everyone!!! It's almost three months since my latest post!:-(...It's true that I didn't have much free time because I am working now but this is not the only reason I haven't post anything!! I have so many things in my mind right now ,the greatest of all is that I'm moving mith my boyfriend so we have many things to do and plan for our upcoming new home...<3!!! So I am planning to do some decoration-related posts in the future! Moreover,I 'll try to upload more outfit posts which I always love to do!!!
This is a photo of one of my current favorite shows-Glee! It's the apartment in which Kurt and Rachel live!....It's kind of an industrial-cosy decorative style! What do you think? Do you like it?Which style would you use to decorate your own house?!

xxx Marlen

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

OOTD:Grey and Burgundy

Hey everyone!!!....It's been a long time but I was very busy lately as I started working in a new job and now unfortunatelly I don't have much free time for blogging!However I 'll try to catch up with you as often as I can beacause I love keeping in touch with you guys!
I want to show you this simple outfit for days but now I found the time to do it!It's a pretty simple outfit I wore when I have gone to the cinema with my boyfriend two weeks ago.I wore my grey Forever 21 jeans and a pretty old loose Zara top and  combined them with my new H&M  black boots which I love! I added a dash of color with the burgundy-black leopard scarf which I wore as headband and my of course my very own handmade burgundy Kiss Me Be4 Flight clutch!
xxx Marlen

                                       Jeans:Forever 21
                                       Clutch:Kiss Me Be4 Flight

Monday, October 21, 2013

OOTD:Hearts and plaid...

Hey everyone!!!...It's been a while since  my last outfit post...so I took some pictures from my Sunday walk!...actually my boyfriend did!<3....I wore my new skirt from H&M which I love as it is full of hearts, another current fashion trend!...To be in the mood of plaid I combined it with a checked shirt from Nara Camisie which I own many years now..I couldn't resist to wear my Juicy hat...I love hats like this one! I want to purchase more winter hats because I believe that they add something extra to the whole outfit! What do you think?!

xxx Marlen

                                              Skirt: H&M
                                              Shirt: Nara Camisie
                                              Hat: Juicy Couture
                                              Handbag: Juicy Couture
                                              Shoes: Zara

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Empire state of mind...

In New York...concrete jungle where dreams are made of ,there's nothing you can't do, now you're in New York....Hey everybody!!! I decided to continue sharing with you not only my current experiences but my old-ones too!!!...I have gone to New York exactly three years ago...It is quite a long time but in my mind I was there yesterday!!!I rememember this trip very well and I am not going to forget about it never-ever!..It was a great experience..I went over there with my parents and my brother and some family friends!We were staying at Times Square which make everything convenient as we were in the centre of Manhattan! I was so happy....it was a dream which eventually came true....New York for me is the best city, if only I have the chance to live for a while in this concrete jungle!!! I saw everything I always wanted...Manhattan,Liberty island,fifth avenue's stores,Soho,China Town ,Central Park and so many other great places!!! I hope to be lucky enough and visit again this wonderful city where you feel that you can do anything you want and make your biggest dreams come true!!!...Here are some photos of a happy-wannabe-New Yorker-me !!!!:P

xxx Marlen